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To find good art on the internet asks time and energy to spend. So why not share my results to you so you can spare some time? In this way Virtual Museum is born. You will find here quite some treasures, visual art of high quality. Enjoy it! You can switch on the bottom to other pages of Virtual Museum or use the white navigation bar. If an illustration is not visible, push F5. Chapters on this page:

  • Photos on National Geographic (24 works)
  • Sculptures (20 works)

Photos on National Geographic


Some of the most wonderful photos of the photos of the day.

African Buffalo, Uganda (source)


Blue Pond, Hokkaido (source)


Camel Thorn Trees, Namibia (source)


Museum of Islamic Art in Gatar (source)


Lotus Bloom, Maryland (source)


Sunrise Skyline, Bagan, Myanmar (source)


Dubai Skyscrapers (source)


Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi (source)


Sea Pens, New Zealand (source)


Shrimp, Kingman Reef (source)


Akira Takaue, Shoreline, Japan (source)


George Steinmetz, Tradional Home, Libya (source)


Fritz Hoffmann, Monk, China (source)


Vincent Bonnin, Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan (source)


Girts Cravalis, Harlequin Shrimp, Indonesia (source)


Dmitry Marcenko, Blenny, Red Sea (source)


Sergey Gorshkov, Cape Blossom, Russia (source)


Nadya Kulagina, Black Trevally and Sardines (source)


Wild Wonders of Europe, Landmannalaugar, Iceland (source)


Joses Pul Angelio, Beauty Salon, Philippines (source)


Chris Carvalho, Mesa Arch, Canyonlands (source)


Gregory Gooding, Fox, Aleutian Islands (source)


Alessandro Bosio, Lizard, Cuba (source)


Fabien Bravin, Mantis and Flower (source)




Georges W Hart, Dragonflies (source)


Dale Chihuly, Glass Sculpture (source)


Dale Chihuly, another Glass Sculpture (source)


Andy Goldsworthy, Broken Pebbles (source)


Andy Goldsworthy, Cone (source)


Michael Somoroff, Illumination I (source)


Michael Somoroff, The Red Sea (source)


Joris Maes, Sculpturen van fossielstenen uit de Sahara (source)


Jill Torberson, 2birds 1stone (source)


Haroshi, Skateboard Sculptures (source)


Ranjani Shettar, SFMoMA (source)


Nino Ucchino, The Mouth of a Fish (source)


Michael Glancy, Crystal Obscura (source)


Ivan Mares, On Edge (source)


Mark Soppeland, Too Much as Usual, Found objects (source)


Andy Rogers, Natural Reflection (source)


Yanick Lapuh: Your Ladder is on Fire (source)


J. Paul Fennel, Crosscurrents, Wood Sculpture (source)


J. Paul Fennel, Wood Sculpture (source)


Anish Kapoor, Mirror Sculpture (source)

Anish Kapoor, Mirror Sculpture


Gil Bruvel, The Builder (3D printed metal sculpture) (bron)

Gil Bruvel, The Builder (3D printed metal sculpture)


Also visit glass sculptures on page 26 and ceramic sculptures on page 32



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