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Virtual Museum, for contemporary art with feeling, page 23

To provide links with each art piece is a difficult matter, but it offers the artist a better promotion instead of nothing more but his or her name or pseudonym. Because of all those links, this site is not welcome to search robots, accusing us for "link farming". And it's a real disaster when certain links do not work anymore after some time. It is far beyond our possibilities to keep controlling those links and search others. Now we write this, half 2014 and a few years after the creation of this page, this page especially doesn't has many good links anymore.
Why? What happened?
We do not only promote artists, but also art sites. Much of the works shown on this page where chosen after the discovery of a huge site, called cghub, maybe the most beautiful art site ever been. And on a day, a tsunami happened, an art tsunami: cghub suddenly and unexpected disappeared from the internet. Never there has been a warning or message. Some weeks later a little text appears instead of the site: cghub no longer exists, "for personal reason".
A disaster for the artists, especially those not present on other art sites. They have all spend a lot of time for that art site, time they prefer to use for creating. So no link to cghub will ever work again. We didn't want to be that cruel to wipe away their art on this site too. Their name and work is still better then nothing. If we can, we replace it by their personal sites. It is useless to put a new link to another site which has also taken that art work from cghub.

  • Fantastic Painters on the electronic Palette (33 works)

Fantastic Painters on the electronic Palette


tinfoil (Daniel Dociu), Kite (source)


Donglu (Donglu Yu), Into the Desert (source)


Donglu (Yu Dongly), Ruins (source)


Theo Prins, Tundra (source)


Riddle (Jerry Riddle), Girl with Hands (source)


jeiten (Josh Eiten), Quarry Wall (source)


masana (Simon Goinard), Kaamelott - lake lady (source)


kiDChan (Kit Mun), Here (source)


kiDChan (Kit Mun), +O+ (source)


thom (Thom Tenery), Erreth Unfor (source)


Thom (Thom Tenery), Severian (source)


Maciej (Maciej Kuciara), Patagonia (source)


Yang Liang , Sir Arthur in the Dragonland (source)


Allen Williams, Light Reading (sourse)


eytan (Eytan Zana), Yemen Temple (source)


FIDUCIOSE-SS (Skan Srisuwan), The Cube (source)


Mark Behm, Nap Time (source)


Janashi (Jana Schirmer), Stairs and Stripes (source)


watmough (Joe Watmough), Crucible Exterior (source)


marmotte (Veronique Meignaud), Pluriel Obsidienne (source)


coda66 (Tony Iammarino), - (source)


rainart (Sebastien Larroude), Green Swamp (source)


Sebastien Larroude (rainart), La Citta sulla Rupe (source)


Emmanuel Malin, Exile Gods - Gehelos (source)


Ian McQue, Lightship (source)


Ian McQue, Remora (source)


Iuan Dumitrescu (jonone), Beacon in the Jungle (source)


Iuan Dumitrescu (jonone), Shadowcursed (source)


Brian Sum, Tourists (source)


gunsan (Gun Legler), Winter in Japan (source)


Andreas Rocha ( source)

Andreas Rocha


MartaNael, Floating Rocks (source)


Digital painting and airbrushing by anndr, Silva (source)


Jae Cheol Park, The Day (digital painting) (source)

Jae Cheol Park, The Day (digital painting)



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