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Virtueel Museum, Enjoying contemporary art is still possible - p 112

"Women, Portraits and Symbols XIII" is the continuation of page 105


Women, Portraits and Symbols XIII


Theodoros Pantaleon (via)

Theodoros Pantaleon on


Theodoros Pantaleon on


Theodoros Pantaleon on


Marina Grigoryan (via)

Marina Grigoryan


Marina Grigoryan


Bra (mixed technique with met acrylic & photography) (via)





Dmitry Schurbin (via)

Dmitry Schurbin


Dmitry Schurbin


Xing Jianjian via

Xing Jianjian


Zipcy via



Chen Yan Ning via

Chen Yan Ning


Chen Yan Ning


Kim Ouzo via

Kim Ouzo


Kim Ouzo


Silvia Pelissero via

Silvia Pelissero


Florian Lepan via

Florian Lepan


Simon Pasini via

Simon Pasini


Peter Xiao via

Peter Xiao


Cathrine Langwagen (photo manipulation) via

Cathrine Langwagen


Daniel Mirante via

Daniel Mirante


Daniel Mirante


Mocaram M via

Mocaram M


Mocaram M


Kiuk Kim via

Kiuk Kim


Studio 137CG via

Studio 137CG


Bastien Lecouffe Deharme via

Bastien Lecouffe Deharme


Le Vuong (digital painting) via

Le Vuong


Andrey Remnev (wood, gesso, oil, metal) via

Andrey Remnev


Andrey Remnev


Julia Bekhova via

Julia Bekhova


Julia Bekhova


Zhang Ziheng (digital painting) via

Zhang Ziheng


nead via





Scott Burdick (oil on canvas) via

Scott Burdick


John Michael Carter (oil on canvas) via


John Michael Carter


Michelle Dunaway (oil on canvas) via

Michelle Dunaway


Georgy Kurasov via

Georgy Kurasov


Scott Falcon via

Scott Falcon



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