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Virtual Museum, The óther contemporary art - p 46

We do not know another site like this. Digital painting is here shown together with traditional painting. If an artist paints with oil, acrylic, watercolour or the electronic tablet, what's the difference? The drawing tablet is a medium as all others, and it's hand made too. Some people think painting with the computer is easier. Nonsense, to make wonderful work great skill is needed here either. It's also a pity digital painting is degraded to mere illustrations: for (children) books, games, film scenery... There exist a number of very good works with sufficient quality to be regarded as an independent work of art. Books, games and film industry happen to be the nowadays market which make it possible to live as professional artist. That's why we see so many violence and horror as subjects. We have chosen the more peaceful themes. Also 3D and fractal art are not inferior, although it's a different way of working. Who cannot draw, will not be able to make good 3D either.
For this page we have chosen for a favourite theme in art, from the old landscape painters, over the impressionists to the contemporary art, in oil, watercolour or digital painting: bridges.

  • Bridges (47 works)




Alexander Shumtsov (source)

Alexander Shumtsov


Lucia Chocholackova (source)


Stephen B. Whatley (source)



Ilona, L'heure dorée (source)


Vadim, Fisherman near a Bridge (source)


Marco Bucco, Venice (digital painting) (source)

Marco Bucco, Venice (digital painting)


Borkur Eiriksson, Winter Bridge (digital painting) (source)

Borkur Eiriksson, Winter Bridge (digital painting)


Kim Taylor, Desert Lake City (source)

Kim Taylor, Desert Lake City


Marco Rolandi, Rail Haven (source)

Marco Rolandi, Rail Haven


Kazumasa Uchio (source)

Kazumasa Uchio


Kazumasa Uchio (source)

Kazumasa Uchio


Stephan Martiniere, Forest, Ravnica (digital painting) (source)

Stephan Martiniere, Forest, Ravnica


Mikko Eerola, Village of the Bridge (source)


Andreas Rocha, Pilgrimage (digital painting) (source)


Ferdinand Ladera, The Town of Aldackelm (digital painting) (source)


Marthe & Ward, Kingdom on the Cliffs (source)


Jordan Grimmer, Eldt (source)


Fan Ming (source)


Geoffroy Thoorens, Babahoud (source)


Fabio Barretta (source)


Park Jong Won (source)



Daniel Dociu, Skye Bridge (source)


Ryan Gitter, Bridge (source)


Mike Manalac, Bridge Sketch (source)


Szabrina, Bridge (source)


Szabrina, Landscape (source)


James Wolf Strehle, Titans Grail (source)


Bryan Marvin P. Sola, Kreola Matte Painting (source)


Raphael Lacoste, Workshop Painting (source)


Rudolf Herczog, Shangri-La (3D art) (source)


Maciej Rebisz, The Arch (source)


Edlin Tyler, Windom Academy (source)


Andree Wallin, Bridges (source)


Reishin, Northern Castle (source)


John Dickenson, Cackling Pits Detail (source)


Les Edwards, Valley of the carven God (source)


Tuomas Korpi, Matte Painting for Warhammer 40 000 (source)


Sean Schneider, Sunset Bridge (photomanipulation) (source)


Ashutosh, Bridge (photography) (source)


Jesse Van Dijk, After the breaking of the World (source)


Jesse Van Dijk, Netherworld Archipelago, the Capital (source)


Jan Ditlev Christensen, Castle of Aream (source)


Velarion, Kingdom (source)


eol (source)



Walent Vladgheneli, Returning Home (source)

Walent Vladgheneli, Returning Home


Marcin Kołpanowicz, "Street immortals", the image of the "Invisible Cities" (source)

Marcin Kołpanowicz, "Street immortals", the image of the "Invisible Cities"


Paul Lasaine, Eleanor's Chamber (source)

Paul Lasaine, Eleanor's Chamber


Peter Popken, Prince of Persia (source)

Peter Popken, Prince of Persia

Vytautas Laisonas (source)


Continuation of the chapter "Bridges" on page 60

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