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Virtual Museum, the other contemporary art, page 12

Art is an amazing world of beauty, inspiration, of being touched, affected. Around the beginning of the 19th century, an explosion of fine art renewers occured. Painters wanted to paint new styles, their own, what they experienced to be beautiful. This expansion still goes on today. Inspiration is never exhausted, ever and ever new styles and new beauty comes up. Also new techniques show new ways, new possibilities. Chapters on this page:

  • Wild Abstract, Graffiti and other abstract 3D (17 works)
  • Made with Incendia (12 works)

Wild Abtstract , Graffiti & other abstract 3D


Mark-Chadwick, Abstract Pin Painting 23 (source)


FAST-ARTur, Abstract Painting (source)


zampedroni, Abstract Still Life 2010 (source)


Again Marc Chadwick, Abstract Fluid Painting 45 (source)


Arthur Bernard, Een gespannen Aandacht (source)


Arthur Bernard, Arthurbernard (source)


Pierre Bellemare (source)

Pierre Bellemare


Sandra Trubin, Urban Clutter (acrylic on canvas) (source)

Sandra Trubin, Urban Clutter


Wout Werensteijn, W-out 0183 Doezelweide (high gloss silk gloss white- wash stain ink chalk onto metal panel) (source)

Wout Werensteijn, W-out 0183 Doezelweide


anuvys, Cloudy Days (source)

anuvys, Cloudy Days


Ignacio Antonio Salazar Arroyo, Paramita (source)


Ignacio Antonio Salazar Arroyo, Profundo (source)


Sergey Sidelev, Coercion, oil on canvas (source)


James Gleeson (source)

James Gleeson


James Gleeson

More abstract paintings on page 22 and on page 36

sidewinder002, 3D Graffiti Master (source)


Graffiti Technica, Repeat-Apple Textures (source)


Graffiti Technica, (title unknown) (source)


Graffiti Technica, (title unknown) (source)


Rama, Shells (source)


The Golden Hive van mario837 (source)


Meanders with some Blue van mario837 (source)


dainbramage, Reaching Higher (source)


Temple of Isis van reallybigname (source)


thom, FSK ex-Grand Julian IFS 08 (source)


lsh, The Hall of Masters (source)


haltenny, High Voltage (source)


Weirdsnake van Kali (source)


eyeland, Chaotic Order Mandala (source)


eyeland, Blossom Reflection Mandala I (source)


Raydianze (Rene Ertzinger), Mb3d071  (source)


Raydianze (Rene Ertzinger), Mb3d054 (source)


Lenord, City of Industry II: Planned Obsolescence (source)


Lenord, Reign of Fire: Rising Again (source)

Meore abstract fractal art on page 29


Made with Incendia


Aexion, The historical Spiral (source)


nic022, Incendia Ex (source)


Aexion, Wood Animation, Animated gif (source)


Aexion, Hanging Gardens, Animated gif (source)


bo-dion, Nautilus (source)


Juniae, HoM - Hanging on Myself (source)


nahojis, Full of Life (source) ( also see 3D-art)


nic022, Dmaps Play in Incendia Ex (source)


nic022, Incendia Ex, (source)


Aexion, Spiral Dream (source)


Aexion, Fractal Machine, Animated gif (source)


Aexion, Rotating Gems, Animated gif (source)


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