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Virtual Museum, The óther contemporary art - p 36

Abstract can be without any figuration, or with figures without meaning. The figures are there only for their forms, without wanting to depict anything. This is also possible in depth, a composition with abstract forms or forms regarded as being abstract. As for example Valerie Maugerie: she makes totally abstract paintings as well as clothing as an abstract composition; the faces are even cutted in the middle to emphasize on the abstraction. We are now showing works with complete abstraction as well as with one or more figures in an abstract composition.

  • Abstract has many different ways, 47 works


Abstract has many different ways


Valerie Maugerie (source)




Lia Melia, Siren song (source)


Lia Melia, The Windhover (source)


Francis Snyder, Classical (source)


Francis Snyder, Washington Belle (source)


Alison Johnson, Raw and wild (source)


Alison Johnson, Whaiting at the Edge (source)


Anne-Laure Djaballah, What's underneath (source)


Anne-Laure Djaballah, Travelling this Summer (same source)


Anne-Laure Djaballah, What a view (same source)


Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Napperby Lake (source)


Julianne, Women's Ceremony - Waterholes (source)




Nathan Smith, Royal Christmas (source)


eReSaW, Rainbow Ballroom (source)


eReSaW, The Creation of Adam (source)


eReSaW, Twilight Zone (source)


Jim373, Interstellar Overdrive (source)


GypsyH, Infestation (source)


Rowratty, Flowers and Leaves (source)


beesknees, Painters song (source)


Talfrac, Self-portrait (source)


Joe-Maccer, A Forest (source)


Joe-Maccer, Spirit of the Universe (source)


Vidom, Hall of Repentance (source)


LucaNG, Gold Lust (source)


Joe-Macce, The loner (source)


Raydianze, Mb3d068b  (source)


Sophiiiii, The Wall (source)


Digital art, raw fractal by timemit, White Lily (source)


Abstract paintings by dalifan-teresa, The Ripple Effect (source)


Traditional abstract painting by amyandromain, Small 29 (source)


Another painting by amyandromain, Polly Pocket (source)


Abstract and Surrealistic Photos by AiniTolonen, Why to build a Wall (source)


AiniTolen, Tower of Babel (source)


afugatt, Jasmine (source)


Lisa Beerntsen, Float (dark), acrylic on canvas (source)


Charles Clary, Diddlation 12, acrylic and handcut paper on panel (source)


Charles Clary, Muted Melody, acrylic and handcut paper on panel (source)


Eva Magill-Oliver, Surround, mixed media collage on paper (source)


Alex Steckley (source)


Peeta, hand painted 3D graffiti (source)



Luc Railhac, Equilibrium (source)


Tahyon (Joldos Dan Emanuel), Chromatic Spiral (source)


Schmiegel, Animated Gyroid (source)

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