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Virtueel Museum, Fractal art and oil paintings
are equal in artistic value - p 82

This chapter is the continuation of page 29. Fractal art is present in Virtual Museum on several pages however, mainly within the chapters "Abstract art" and "Surrealism". That's because we want to emphasize the equality of different forms of visual and fine arts. But often people are searching to fractal art in particularly, so this is a chapter completely dedicated to it.

Fractal art is a very special form of visual art, since it is mostly (not always) the result of mathematical formulas. A lot depends on the program(s) used by the artist. Programs such as Mandelbulb or Apophysis are mainly used with the "trial & error method" (which requires an enormous patience). The most beautiful results are passed through in form of formulas and other artists develop them further, increasing the beauty and surprise of the results. That does not include the artist doesn't need a talent for traditional painting. The colors to chose, the composition, the light, the placing of the camera... are all factors which need talent and competence. Incendia and Ultrafractal are other programs which have an additional capacity to the "trial & error method". Incendia makes a bridge between fractal and 3D art.

For a lot of people this works of art will seem very mechanized, the such-and-such expression of our contemporary mechanical and hostile to life civilization. And indeed a lot of fractal works can give us the creeps, as if we are creating a new universe in which biological organism have no place anymore, except perhaps in some kind of museum to amuse hyper intelligent robots. But that cold mechanical aspect is not the leading feature of fractal art. Fractal art even can be very poetical, very sensitive. The programs itself may be purely technology, the fractals itself are not. They are the very base of life, of all growing creatures! We find the fractals present in every plant: when zooming in on them, the same forms repeat themselves so often. We can analyze all living things as completely build up mathematically: with symmetry, polygons, geometrical bodies, fractals... Fractals are standing at the base of life, not at the end of it!

  • Between Abstract and Surrealism: Fractal Art Constructions (29 works)

Between Abstract and Surrealism: Fractal Art Constructions


taurus, Piles of Void (source)



msltoe, Julia Necklace (source)



Xenodream Gallery (artist?), Mengerubikulous (source)

Xenodream Gallery


Michael Barltrop, Natural Illustrations 8 (source)

Michael Barltrop


Phil (kidjet), Plant (source)


aleksl, ex1652 (source)



nic022, Incendia Ex (source)



ka78, Empty Shell (source)



Olbait-ST, Glowing Autumn (source)



Fractalgardens (?) (source)



Fractalgardens (?) (source)




Audre, Spawning (source)



nic022, Incendia Ex (source)



nic022, Incendia Ex (source)



Markus Vogt, Plant 001 makro (source)

Markus Vogt


0Encrypted0, MB3D_0438_hd (source)



Xyrus-02, Fractal Flame (source)



Damir Bogdan, Microfractal 1 (source)

Damir Bogdan


Lenord Curry, Aliens Blooms (source)

Lenord Curry


Leonie Zurakovsky, Silken 8800 (source)

Leonie Zurakovsky


Digithalie, 6 jan 14 (source)



Dan Wills (source)

Dan Wills


Dan Wills


Fractal Gardens (?), Cogs (source)

Fractal Gardens


Andrea1981G, Colourful round Constructions (source)



Jess Inkeroinen, Shining Star Animation (source)

Jess Inkeroinen


Jess Inkeroinen, Infinite Snow (source)

Jess Inkeroinen


Aexion, Penta Machine (source)


corvair42, Blending (fractal art) (source)


Sabine62, Baroque Steampunk (source)

Sabine62, Baroque Steampunk


batjorge, Sweet Cake (source)

batjorge, Sweet Cake


quazOr, The Web (source)

quazOr, The Web


QuazOr, Hi444IP (source)

QuazOr, Hi444IP


FractalJam, Inside outside (source)

FractalJam, Inside outside


Ejimac, Animism 04 (source)

Ejimac, Animism 04


Ejimac, Automatism 35 (source)

Ejimac, Automatism 35


QuazOr, Spiral Texture (source)

QuazOr, Spiral Texture


0Encrypted0, MB3D_0811_hd (source)

0Encrypted0, MB3D_0811_hd


Réal Joly Aka, Magik Unicorn (source)

Réal Joly Aka, Magik Unicorn


Tatiana Kondratova, Giant Millipede (source)

Tatiana Kondratova, Giant Millipede


Ejimac, Fractal (source)

Ejimac, Fractal


Mark Brady, Uprising (source)

Mark Brady, Uprising


dainbramage1, Spring in the Ticket (source)

dainbramage1, Spring in the Ticket


fractales75, Faberge Eggs (source)

fractales75, Faberge Eggs


thom, Fractal Roulette Wheel (source)

thom, Fractal Roulette Wheel


batjorge, Afterglow (source)

batjorge, Afterglow

This chapter fractal art continues on page 109

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