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Historical Painting of the Week

Weekly we present an exceptional work in our "History of modern Painting" of modern Painting-Historical Painting of the Week

Watch the larger version in the "History of modern Art: Painting of the Week". Each week a new painting is presented, relevant for "Moving Movements".

"Moving Movements" is a survey of the history of modern art, from about 1800 up to 1950. The different painters are compared by decades. All important movements are considered. In this way is shown the only evolution in the history of painting is one of the painter true to himself or herself, working in his or her own specific style. With more then 1000 illustrations in large resolution. This collection keeps growing on the page "painting of the week". On the bottom is the archive of all former paintings of the week, click there on the thumbnails.


Contemporary Painting of the Week

Weekly we present an extraordinary work from Virtual Museum, wonderful contemporary art that touches us, figurative or abstract. For this week we have chosen from page 105,
a work by Andrey Belichenko & Mariya Boukhtiyarova Belichenko Museum, Painting of the week

Watch large version on Virtual Museum page 105

"Virtual Museum" is a collection of wonderful and wondrous contemporary art that touches us, figurative or abstract, nevertheless still original. It is to be seen as complemented to the western museums of contemporary art, showing another kind of art.



Photo of the week

From the pages with photos by Johan Framhout, Gerda Abts and Jens Van Den Bergh. This is Caen, surroundings. (link), photo of the week

Photography shows the best of the photos by Johan Framhout, Gerda Abts and Jens Van Den Bergh, taken in different countries, as one can see at the beginning page of photography. At the bottom stands the link to the pages with photos of Belgium. The pages called "Art in Belgium" also belong here: photos of different sculptures on public places or expositions in Belgium. When new photos have been added, it is always announced on the blog page


Top to bottom, 4 x each month:

- historical painting of the week

- contemporary painting of the week

- photo of the week

- painting by JF of the week

- sculpture photo of the week

- retro of the week


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The page literature shows two novels written by Johan Framhout as well as some poems. The novel and most of the poems are written in Dutch (see Dutch pages).

cover novel 1 cover novel 2

New game: Paradise chess

See pages Chess3


Applied art: illustrations in the site
"Mirorring, search into yourself",
a psychological site, within art7D.