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Virtual Museum, for contemporary 'fine arts' - p 11

This chapter is about sculptures in different materials.


Sculptures I


Georges W Hart, Dragonflies (bron)


Dale Chihuly, Glass Sculpture (bron)


Dale Chihuly, another Glass Sculpture (bron)


Andy Goldsworthy, Broken Pebbles (bron)


Andy Goldsworthy, Cone (bron)


Michael Somoroff, Illumination I (bron)


Michael Somoroff, The Red Sea (bron)


Joris Maes, Sculpturen van fossielstenen uit de Sahara (bron)


Jill Torberson, 2birds 1stone (bron)


Haroshi, Skateboard Sculptures (bron)


Ranjani Shettar, SFMoMA (bron)


Nino Ucchino, The Mouth of a Fish (bron)


Michael Glancy, Crystal Obscura (bron)


Ivan Mares, On Edge (bron)


Mark Soppeland, Too Much as Usual, Found objects (bron)


Andy Rogers, Natural Reflection (bron)


Yanick Lapuh: Your Ladder is on Fire (bron)


J. Paul Fennel, Crosscurrents, Wood Sculpture (bron)


J. Paul Fennel, Wood Sculpture (bron)


Anish Kapoor, Spiegelsculptuur (bron)

Anish Kapoor, Spiegelsculptuur


Gil Bruvel, The Builder (3D printed metal sculpture) (bron)

Gil Bruvel, The Builder (3D printed metal sculpture)


Kris Kuksi, A heroic Abduction, mixed media assemblage - sculpture (source)


Kris Kuksi, A neo-Roman Landscape, mixed media assemblage - sculpture (source)

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