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Virtueel Museum, enjoying contemporary art is still possible - p 68

"Misty landscapes II " is the continuation of page 33.


Misty Landscapes II


John Ebneri (source)


Xercs, Ancient Ruins (source)

Xercs, Ancient Ruins

bin, The Monkey King (source)

bin, The Monkey King


matellis (source)



Matthias Utomo, Reminiscing (source)

Matthias Utomo, Reminiscing


Andreas M. Wiese (oil on cardboard) (source)

Andreas M. Wiese


Zdravko Mandic (oil on canvas) (source)

Zdravko Mandic


Zdravko Mandic


Yau Lu (source)

Yau Lu


Yau Lu


LightDrop, Straight ahead (3d art) (source)

LightDrop, Straight ahead


Lightdrop, Thoringarth (3d art) (source)

Lightdrop, Thoringarth


Tony Hurst, Burma (digital painting) (source)

Tony Hurst, Burma


FCLittle, Oasis (3d art) (source)

FCLittle, Oasis


Yan Ostretsov, Call of Duty: Ghosts (source)

Yan Ostretsov


Yan Ostretsov, Yan Cliffs (source)

Yan Ostretsov


Lin Yi Yang (source)

Lin Yi Yang

Wadim Kashin, Peterburg, Octoberwork (source)

Wadim Kashin


Wadim Kashin, Big Rock (source)

Wadim Kashin


Michael Reineke, Ice Landscape (digital painting) (source)

Michael Reineke


Paul Canavan, Destiny (source)

Paul Canavan, Destiny


Reza Afshar, Blue Forest (source)

Reza Afshar, Blue Forest


Matsumura Koji, Guilin (source)

Matsumura Koji, Guilin


Christophe Messier (source)

Christophe Messier


Christophe Messier

Anthony Eftekhari, The Courtyard (source)

Anthony Eftekhari, The Courtyard


Tom Garden (source)

Tom Garden


Tom Garden


Max Bedulenko, The Mountain KIngdom (source)

Max Bedulenko, The Mountain KIngdom


Daniel Conway, The Tundra (matte painting & digital painting) (source)

Daniel Conway, The Tundra


Donglu Yu, Concept for Farcry4 (source)

Donglu Yu, Concept for Farcry4


Jordan Grimmer, Broken Gate (source)

Jordan Grimmer, Broken Gate


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