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Virtual Museum, for enjoyable contemporary art, page 10

Two chapters on this page. The first chapter shows beautiful photography of the architecture by Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona, as well as paintings by contemporary artists, inspired by Gaudi. The second chapter shows photos of the underground temples of Damanhur, made by contemporary artists.

  • Gaudi as a source of Inspiration for painters and photographers (20 works)
  • Damanhur: an art temple made by contemporary artists (13 photos)

Magical painters I


James C. Christensen (source)


James C. Christensen (source)


Jeanie Tomanek (source)



Michel Ogier, Le Point de Fuite (source)


Michel Ogier, Sainte Nitouche (source)


Alexander Sigov, Improvisator (source)


Gabriel Pacheko (source)


Gabriel Pacheko, Maltrato (source)


Wihua Wei, The Forest Church (source)


Wihua Wei (source)


Mike Worrall (source)




Oleg Osipoff (source)




Katarina Krvarich, Croatian Flower (oil behind glass) (source)

Katarina Krvarich, Croatian Flower


Katarina Krvarich, Snowdrops (oil on glass) (same source)

Katarina Krvarich, Snowdrops


Victor Mazhlekov, Blueberry and Fish (source)


Victor Mazhlekov, Biomatic Sublimation (source)


Bungie (source)



Stefano Popovski, Faster (digital painting & fractal art) (source)

raysheaf (Stefano Popovski), Faster (digital painting & fractal art)


Dmitry Zaviyalov, Tavern "Drunk Shrimp" (source)

Dmitry Zaviyalov, Tavern "Drunk Shrimp"


Quentin Mabille, Lost Spaceship (source)

Quentin Mabille, Lost Spaceship


Adam Martinakies, The Departure of Innocence (source)

Adam Martinakies, The Departure of Innocence



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