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Virtueel Museum, contemporary enjoying - p 101

"Sculptures IV" is the continuation of page 32. Sculptures in wood, metal, textiles, glass...


Sculptures IV


Michael Gard (source)

Michael Gard


Matthew Simmonds (source)

Matthew Simmonds


Matthew Simmonds


Romain Langlois (source)

Romain Langlois


Romain Langlois


John Morris (source)

John Morris


John Morris


John Morris


Jack Storms (source)

Jack Storms


Jack Storms


Rachel Kneebone (source)

Rachel Kneebone


Rachel Kneebone


Richard Symons, Steampunk teapot (source)

Richard Symons, Steampunk teapot


Dietrich Mohr (source)

Dietrich Mohr


Bob Deane (source)

Bob Deane


Crispian Heath (source)

Crispian Heath


Louis Cloke (source)

Louis Cloke


Galia Amsel (source)

Galia Amsel


Christian Arnold (source)

Christian Arnold


Sheila Hicks (textile sculpture) (source)

Sheila Hicks

Peter Rogiers (source)

Peter Rogiers


Peter Rogiers


Anne Hesvik Kartveit (source)

Anne Hesvik Kartveit


Ingrid Silikus (source)

Ingrid Silikus



Ingrid Silikus


Jan Verschueren (source)

Jan Verschueren


Lebuïn D'Haese (source)

Lebuïn D'Haese


Roos Mannaerts (source)

Roos Mannaerts


Latchezar Boyadjeiv (glass) (source)

Latchezar Boyadjeiv


Nick Mount (glass) (source)

Nick Mount


Nick Mount


John Deckers (source)

John Deckers


Sebastiaan Coppens (glass) (source)

Sebastiaan Coppens


Sebastiaan Coppens


Walter Bailey (source)

Walter Bailey


Walter Bailey


Christien Dutoit (source)


Hartmann Greb (glass) (source)

Hartmann Greb


Michael Talbot (source)

Michael Talbot


Linda Verkaaik (source)

Linda Verkaaik


Antoinette Briët (source)

Antoinette Briët


Corjan Nodelijk (source)

Corjan Nodelijk

Hilde Van Impe (source)

Hilde Van Impe


Marjan Smit (glass) (source)

Marjan Smit


Joey Richardson (source)

Joey Richardson


Joey Richardson


Rob Higgs via

Rob Higgs


Chris McCarthy via

Chris McCarthy

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