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Virtueel Museum, Enjoying contemporary art is still possible - p 84

This is fourth chapter on trees in VM, the continuation of page 65

  • Trees IV (49 works)

Trees IV


Erin Hanson (source)

Erin Hanson


Erin Hanson


Victoria Kwasinski, Fuchsia Quartet (oil on canvas) (source)

Victoria Kwasinski, Fuchsia Quartet

Tianhua Xu (source)


Andy Thomas, Parasite (source)

Andy Thomas, Parasite


Andy Thomas, Uranium Wormwood (source)

Andy Thomas, Uranium Wormwood

Oscar Gregeborn, Nests (source)

Oscar Gregeborn


Jian Chong Min (source)

Jian Chong Min


VickyM72, Autumn low Poly (3D art) (source)



VickyM72, Rays of Light (3D art) (source)



ka78, Fractal Trees (fractal art) (source)



Victoria Crowe (source)

Victoria Crowe


Victoria Crowe


Trudy Willmott, Diffusion IX (oil paint & various mediums) (source)

Trudy Willmott


RHADS, Nature Salavation (digital painting) (source)



Michael Reineke, My Guardian (digital painting) (source)

Michael Reineke


Titus Lunter (source)

Titus Lunter


Neil Simon (source)

Neil Simon


Neil Simon


Robin Halioua (source)

Robin Halioua


Robin Halioua


Ivan Laliashvili (source)

Ivan Laliashvili


Johan Andersson, 13th Season of the Cathedral Woods (fractal art) (source)

Johan Andersson


Ian Jun Wei Chiew (source)

Ian Jun Wei Chiew


Jiri Horacek (source)

Jiri Horacek


Steve Burg, A sort of Tree (source)

Steve Burg


Björn Börkur Eiriksson (source)

Björn Börkur Eiriksson


Esther Wu, Field of Flowers (source)

Esther Wu


Marian Kretschmer (source)

Marian Kretschmer


Jordan Grimmer (source)

Jordan Grimmer


Wojciech Piwowarczyk, Endurance (3D art) (source)

Wojciech Piwowarczyk, Endurance


Jakob Eirich, Jungle Sketch (digital painting) (source)

Jakob Eirich, Jungle Sketch


Tianhua Xu, Qianyuan mountain (digital painting) (source)

Tianhua Xu, Qianyuan mountain


Ian Stone, The Winter Salon (source)

Ian Stone, The Winter Salon


Silvano Braido (source)

Silvano Braido


Silvano Braido


Kenneth Williams (source)

Kenneth Williams


Dominique Louis (source)

Dominique Louis


Sung Choi, New Earth Vista (source)

Sung Choi, New Earth Vista


Fabrice Ascione (source)

Fabrice Ascione


Brian Mashburn ( oil on canvas) (source)

Brian Mashburn


Brian Mashburn


Randall David Tipton, Sunlight and Shade (oil) (source)

Randall David Tipton, Sunlight and Shade


Hong Ling (source)

Hong Ling


Hong Ling


Du Ying Rong (source)

Du Ying Rong


Zhang Bu (source)

Zhang Bu


Wang Yuguo (source)

Wang Yuguo


Kirsten Zirngibl (source)

Kirsten Zirngibl


G. Lefthand, Forest (source)

G. Lefthand, Forest


The chapter 'Trees' continues on page 102

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