Are you constantly in movement or are you stagnated? We don’t mean physical movement, we mean changing constantly, if you are every moment different, even somebody else? Or are you not conscious of this? Do you have an image of yourself about this?
If you look at yourself ten years ago, you will recognize things which still exist. But are you totally the same as ten years ago? Or have you changed in such a way that the person in those times, having your name, is almost a stranger to you? Or did you become rigid during the years: you know what you want, what interests you, your day schedule is fixed, you maintain your contracts and there don’t come any new ones, your hobby’s stay the same, you let out your dog on a fixed moment? Are your changing’s something of the past? Do you find everything is perfect in its order? Or are there two poles in you: the changer and the conservative?

In the world of democratic politics, changing has become an obsession, but changing does not always mean improvement. Changing for changing does not work. Do you know why you change? Do you have a goal? Does that goal change as well over the years? Do you change your vision sometimes? Are your values changeable? Or is fear your guide and do you retain everything like it is?

Or are you the opposite and are you changing so quickly that you don’t know anymore who you are, what you have, what you want? Or is your changing guided by others, maybe by your education, or by religion, your God, your idol, or influenced by the media?

Are your goals concrete, practical or idealistic? Are they within reach, realisable? Can you subdivide your journey to a far away goal into small, realisable steps? Do you have realistic and ideal goals as well? Is your ideal holy and untouchable or are you willing to change it?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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