The Past

Are you aware of your past? To what extent yours past determines how you are now? Does your past determines your choices? Do you regard yourself on this moment as the logical and inevitable consequence of everything that has preceded? Or do you have the opinion that you are able to make a totally different choice here and now, perhaps the beginning of a new life, another self?

Do you live in dissatisfaction with your past or in harmony? Or are you someone who regularly think: if I could have a fresh start now, I should do it otherwise? That is not very realistic: you look with the eyes of the present to a fact from the past. But on that time you didn’t know what you know now. In the same situation, with the same insight, it is most likely that you take the same decisions! Is your past filled with duality of good and bad? Or do you realise there are always false steps and successes in the past, good, less good or wrong choices?

Do you make your choices consciously or do you bash away and stick the pieces together afterwards? You have a specific goal in mind if you choose or is it a gamble? Perhaps it’s the opposite: are you able to gamble or can you but decide when your mind has considered everything? Do you take your greatest needs into account when taking your decision?

Do you feel you often land up in undesirable situations, as a result of your past? Can you let this go? Can you put them into perspective? Perhaps you are the opposite: someone who ignores his past, suppresses? When you hear someone telling about you from the past, do you respond indifferent? Or do you react this way: that wasn’t me, I didn’t do that, I had to, I was forced to do? Or do you simply admit you where wrong at that time, without bad feeling about what you are now? Because you experience your life as continually in motion?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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