We experience ourselves as one person. That is inherent to our consciousness. But is it a reality or an illusion? Anyway, we often experience several sub-personalities in ourselves, which we call for reasons of convenience poles, because they are centres which emit, attract and repulse.

Do you experience poles in yourself? You know how this poles are like? Who has influenced them or help them be formed? Can you give them a name? Perhaps you recognize the pool of the father and mother, school or education, environment, conscience, instinct, angel and devil, light and shade, the realist and the idealist? The last ones are contradictions: poles can be extremes which profile themselves separately, our duality. The more we feed our angel, the more the little devil pokes at the door.

Are there also poles which you do not recognise easily? Poles can be close to motives or incentives, aspirations, frustrations, ideals. Don’t you have a clear picture of yourself? Fortunately, because we are for a large part mystery, such as life. Does it change? That means you live! Are you still able to see the whole, or do you lose yourself? In that case, search it back!

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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