Do you have a rather correct image of your capacities, your talents and shortages? Can you estimate how you are seen by others? But the self-image goes much further.

Are you conscious of the fact you are not conscious of a main part of our personality? That, as a result, our self-image is always unfinished, deficient? Are there things you became conscious of as a result of your own efforts? Have you noticed how difficult that is, but how rewarding? Do you realise you don’t want to face everything in and around yourself?

“Image” has to be put into perspective. Everyone has a different image of what he perceives, and even the more when one look to oneself. The reason of this lays in our brain, we can but experience in subjective images. Having a concrete goal, we estimate ourselves: what can we accomplish and what not? We are always in the company of a certain image of ourselves: good or bad, nice or ugly, what we are able to and what not, our values and ideals, capacities and shortages, certain character qualities. Are you so bold to give a rather good description of yourself or do you prefer to clean it up a bit? Do you have the courage to admit things, or the reverse: do you stand up for qualities you regard as being positive? Do you evaluate yourself as being a bit better then the other or as a bit less? Do you look up to most people or do you look a bit down on them? Or do you regard them as equal? Or perhaps you realise everyone has qualities which you admire and others in which you regard yourself as being better? Do you have the courage to admit when looking down on someone? Are you conscious of your desire to be better then the other, to exceed the mass, be a bit more holy, more reliable, more positive, talented, selfless, more spiritual?

The more we stay in that image, the stronger becomes the hidden side in ourselves: the shadow, the dark me, the demon following our heels, who’s hot breath we can feel in our neck, the opposite pole. Can you invest in discovering a bit of your dark side? Can you accept it exists? In that case you may change something, in case it is needed. But do you realise we are never perfect, that everyone has ones strengths and weaknesses? Are you sometimes able just to laugh with your clumsiness, defaults, little secrets, inappropriate desires?

Our society does not stimulate self-discovery very much. The whole society is centred around the image, “your image”: not who you are is important, but the image you bring out. The media helps to glorify the appearances. Even in ones job, one is often honoured for the appearance, rather then the results. Because the firm also wants a good image! The glitter as standard! What is your opinion concerning this fact? Is you appearance very important? Maybe you consider your image as much as is needed? Or don’t you care a bit of what others think of you? Maybe you keep telling this to yourself because you don’t have a good self-image? Or to escape unwanted obligations? Did you experience you have the best appearance if you just stay the way you really are?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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