Are you perfect? Are you not and do you try to be it, an ideal? Do you try to be perfect in everything you do? Or are you negligent on the contrary and do you never finish anything? Do you never go unto the bottom of your enterprise? Or do you finish your business, without wanting to be too perfect?

Don’t worry if you are not perfect. The imperfect, the deviations, mistakes, are the base of all life, they mean evolution. If there ever where organisms which replicated themselves perfectly, they died out long ago. Because the earth is changing and constants are doomed to vanish. As a result of mistakes in reproduction, organisms arise which coincidently are better adapted to the changed circumstances.

Our life changes too, it is not a finished whole. If you don’t change with it, you become hopelessly maladjusted. That’s why we need constant changing, moving. Do you differ from the ideal man, are you different from others? No problem: the diversity enriches the culture, your characteristic property is important. Uniformity let die, in nature as well as in culture. Harmony does not mean stagnation, it is a way of moving.

Deviation of the usual brings life, instead of the perfect and provided, the planning and the ordered. Planning is also needed, of course, and it needs the unexpected. The uncertainty of the result or the course of things, is the need of existence. Your limits make you human, give your specifics, your personality.

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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