How is your view on life? Your outlook on your future, on your fellowmen? On God? On yourself? It is not for money most of the massacres are done, but for a vision. Even if we don’t like war, we prefer the other has the same view on life as we do, and handle it the same way. But strange enough there do not exist two people on the world with the same vision. Even when you share your beliefs with millions, there do not exist two people with exactly the same view on life.

Do you want continually to push forward your vision to others? Do you love being surrounded with people who have similar outlooks? Do you feel uncomfortable when others have a total  different view? And about your friends: are they allowed to have a different vision, our does the word ‘friend’ means to you having more or less the same point of view? Do you allow yourself to doubt your visions? Do you feel free to have your own views? Do you grant others then to have that same freedom?

There are a lot of ‘holy’ scriptures in our world: books of law, dictionaries, religious scriptures… In fact each book or each speaker whom we give more ‘authority’ then another, is a kind of ‘holy’ source. We accept more from them then from another and we hope to have a more common source, more equality between people. But you can’t fill your life from a book. It always depends on the interpretation, and everyone interprets differently. There are no heavier discussions then between those who think commonly, share the same beliefs. Do you prefer to be supported by an authority? Or do you prefer to do the research yourself? How big is your desire to be right? How important is it to you? Do you like to refer to supposed authorities, in different forms, to make your arguments seemingly stronger? Or do you give the other equal contribution and equal value in your conversation? Are you conscious of the big differences in interpretation?

We prefer to construct our own visions. Let’s not make illusions: everyone borrows things from another. We aren’t that original as we think we are. So let us also be on guard against our own opinions, as well as against those of the other. Do you have visions of your own? Are they finished or growing? Are you able to stay with your point of view or do you turn with the wind? From the other side: is there room for change in your insights? We need a vision of our own: so let us nourish it, but can you remember it is not holy and it has not more rights then that of the other? Do you realise for yourself our views are changeable? Compare yourself with years ago: do you remember your visions from the past? Do you expect your current views will be the same within another ten years? Nobody is perfect, and visions which looks perfect, are thoughts separated from reality. Live cannot be fixed in rules. This is also a vision... How is your vision about this matter?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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