Do you have goals in sight, do you have goals in your life? One, different ones, many, a lot? Are those the absolute goal to your efforts or do you realise you can meet very important things on the way, even not in function to the ultimate goal? And what about this: can you adapt your goal on the way?

Is there one big goal you want to reach before your life ends or do you have a lot of small goals? Do you watch where you are going before putting you next footprint on the ground, or do you see life as a road straight as an arrow to your goal? Or is life to you a straight way to an ideal? In that case, is that ideal your own or something your society has given you, your religion, school, surroundings? Or perhaps you have both in your life: a fluctuating way, with now and then a piece of no man’s land where you have to reflect on each step?

Can you put your goals into perspective? Do you notice for example how sometimes things you meet on your road, seem to be later on more important then your goal? Or is your goal an absolute must and al other things submerged?

Maybe you have a life without goals? Does this also means without meaning to you? Or is wandering your goal? Do you enjoy this aimlessness, the wandering? Or do you recognise the two poles in your life: the need for wandering and the urge for a goal, two ways of life in balance with each other?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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