Do you believe in a God? Or in many gods? Or in a God with different poles in oneself, just like you? What is that God doing? What did he or she do in the past, what’s his or her goal with us? Do you believe in a duality: God and the devil? Logically, this means two gods, unless you believe the devil is also part of God, together a whole?
How do you communicate with your God? What image do you make of him or her? How clear or how obscure is it all to you? Do you borrow that image from a religion? Everyone from one and the same religion pretends to have the same image of his God, but if you ask them questions about  this case, it seems each human being has his own image of God. Maybe you don’t know any God? Or does that mean life to you, love, beauty? In that case, don’t you forget the opposite pole: dead, ugliness, hatred? Each value has his opposite and you make the choice!
Is your God a creator? Or do you believe in evolution? Was your God the designer of that evolution? Or was God the constructor of the big bang? In that case, does he or she keep interfering? Do you hold he or she responsible for the misery there has been and still is? For the fact our most beautiful values has there antipole? Or are you convinced we have to learn a lesson here? As if God was a teacher who made us that incompatible we are obliged to learn our lessons?
Do you belong to a certain religion, sect, or group within a religion? Are you member in a strict or in a broad sense? Do you classify the people in believers and nonbelievers, or do you realise everyone believes in something? Is your religion one of the roles you fulfil?
What is your holy scripture? How much do you tune your life on that scripture? How do you interpret the texts? Does it stay constant your whole life? Or don’t you have a holy scripture, or is it blank, maybe a slate you can always delete and rewrite, day after day, your whole life through?
Actually, is there something holy to you? Or is everything holy? Maybe life is holy? Or do you prefer to replace ‘holy’ to valuable? Is your conviction something you want to push forward on others with violence, or is it something you emanate? Or do you need that violence because your belief is shaky?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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