Do you have ideals? Do you act according to your ideals or to your real needs? Do you place yourself in the whole of society or do you look at yourself as an individual between rivals, clients, antagonists, partners? Do you drive with your bulldozer to your own ideal as if it is your goal you absolutely must reach at any cost? Are you able to put your ideal into perspective? Or did you say goodbye to your ideals, disappointed, discouraged, maybe embittered? Does an ideal means to you that everyone must share your ideal? Do you help others sometimes to reach their ideal even if it is totally different to yours?

Do you have one big ideal or many small ones? Far away ideals or close? Can you put stages between what is and the far away ideal? Or do ideals always bring disappointment or frustration to you? Can you abandon your ideal, if necessary? Can you adapt it? Perhaps your life is always in movement and your ideal is changing with it? Or is your ideal beyond reach, but you are satisfied with your pursuit, as for example the pursuit of perfection?

If you look to your past, have your ideals always been the same? Or do they evolve with you? Do they come even farther or closer? Are they as important as before? Or don’t you have left any ideals nor goals in your daily life, except surviving? Do you hate ideals and do you regard them to be a hindrance to your pragmatism? Or do you never realise a thing, because you loose yourself in your ideas, live in your ideal world, your virtuality? Maybe there is a harmony between what you are now and what you want to be?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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