Putting into Perspective

Can you put into perspective? Can you handle dramatic events better because you can put them into perspective? Can you put yourself into perspective? Your values, ideals, opinions or vision, goals? Your problems, fears, talents, achievements?

Or do you put into perspective until it fades away? Are you tempted to accept everyone and all their acts, because you put into perspective infinitely? Do you have a shortage or an excess of understanding? And with respect to yourself: do you put your performances into perspective in such a way you have no satisfaction left? Perhaps the same with your problems with the result you don’t search for solutions anymore?

Maybe you are not good in putting into perspective and you are convinced you and all your acts, as well as everything what happens to you, are of the utmost importance. Did you learn you cannot accomplish everything exactly the way you see it? Because you are in a continuous interaction with others? Do you sometimes make compromises, or like one say in Dutch: do you water the wine? Or is there so much water you cannot taste the wine anymore?

Can you judge well the importance of things? Can you sometimes or at any time take distance and watch yourself from a different view? Do you sometimes try to see something from the eyes of another? Or don’t you have eyes of your own, not your own vision? Perhaps you examine everything from the most diverse angles?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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