Do you look at yourself as being unique? Or do you see yourself as one of the many, a pawn in the mass? Do you have a personality to your opinion, or do you find yourself without individuality? Everyone has a personality, perhaps you mean you don’t find yourself very specifique?

We are all unique, there doesn’t exist two the same people on the world. Even by coincidence there cannot two be exactly the same people, because the number of factors which play a role in this, is infinitely. Nevertheless uniformity also exists. We are sharing the same culture and we derive a lot of it, maybe the same religion, influences on each other, of the media, of our history. But above all we have a similar body. If you are from Asia, Europe, Africa, America or Oceania, you are familiar with joy and pain, sorrow and anger, competition, fear, power and impotence, love and jealousy, desire… In this matter we are the same all over the world. We all have the need for power, or if you prefer: to our own territory; not only physically, but also psychologically, or in our family, on the work, the need for recognition and appreciation, attention… Where there are territories, there is automatically struggle for territories. It is all typical to human beings and in this we are all equal, if we like this or not. We have hands which manipulates all in the same way. Nevertheless there is still so much space for being different! Our thoughts, acts, choices, the inner poles which drive us, our locomotive system, values, view on life, temperament, our own evolution, even also our feelings, it all makes how unique we are.

Do you love to be unique? Are you someone who loves to put the difference with your environment in the foreground? Do you like to catch the eye by means of unusual behaviour or opinions? Do you love discussion? Or are you someone who prefers to keep his opinion to himself, who prefer to agree with the other, to confirm or complete what he hears? Do you feel more safe when you don’t attract attention in the mass? Or do you on the contrary have the urge to catch the eye between the people? What does your appearance tells about this, are you for example dressed remarkably? Or do you dash back and forth between wanting to hide and to distinguish, two inner poles? Maybe you have one urge now, then the other, according to the mood or the situation which prevails? Perhaps it is not a case of opposite poles to you, but just a way of finding your road in the evolution of our society? It doesn’t have to be a straight way, there is need for exploration and testing.

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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