Are you in harmony? What does that mean to you? Is there any aspect of your personality dominant? Who has everything perfect under control? Do you regard yourself as in harmony because you prefer to have a good picture of yourself? Is there harmony at the expense of things oppressed? Or are all poles within yourself equally represented, so that the total effect is harmonious? Or does harmony means you are first this way, then that? That feelings and common sense each have their turn: rest and desire, endeavour and satisfaction, concentration and release, purposive and aimless, etc.?

Is it really necessary always to be in inner harmony? Do you dare you leave the safety of balanced segmentation? Do you venture to loose yourself sometimes, to let yourself go? Or do you do it so often, that there is never or rarely a moment you feel harmonic?

Is harmony an idea to you, perhaps even an ideal, a divine characteristic, or a feeling? Is there harmony if you accepted all poles within yourself and granted them a place? When you did straightened out for yourself and broke yourself of unwanted behaviour? Or is it a sense of unity, unity in the multitude you are?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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