Do you regard yourself as being well-balanced? How is your self-image to this case? Do you allow both poles in your life or do you search for a balance? Or does balance means for you the elimination of one of those poles? Do you compulsively want to keep a nice whole? In this case, are you really balanced? Or does it means the suppression of needs, of the need for expression, of your conscience, your freedom? Does it means the tyranny of your own vision? Or avoiding choices?

Let’s take feelings and reason for instance: are those poles balanced? Do they both have an equally important contribution? Let’s take another case: your effort for something against enjoying the moment? Being alone or having contact? Having fun or being seriously? Ambitious or being satisfied? Passionate or quiet? Idealistic or practical? Caring for others or maintain yourself?

Balance is often regarded as steady. Or as someone in which the one pole is dominating now, later on the other pole. Being in balance does not mean that your one pole is leading you on one moment and the other pole is pushing on the other. It does not mean shallowness also, the suppression of both. It means an equal contribution from both poles, lively, cooperating. The different drives are no longer in an eternal combat, they complete each other.

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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