What does freedom mean to you? Does it refer to yourself, your community, your land, your people or your religion? Does it include the right to one’s own vision, values, standards, expression, feelings? It is not obvious: ban on religion or having no religion, on art or plastically art, to let known your deviated opinion, it still exists on this planet!

Is freedom a group process to you or a personal feeling? Does freedom refer to you to the motto: the freedom of the one is the restriction of the other? Anyhow freedom is to put into perspective: nobody is totally free, we live among others. Even if you were alone on your island, circumstances would reduce your freedom. Or does freedom mean to you that you don’t bother having limits? That you nevertheless enjoy the things which are possible and allowed? That‘s very idealistic, we do have needs and not all needs can be fulfilled!

Are you conscious of your need for freedom? Thousands of years ago we all were nomads. Now we are shackled to a residence. Where is the need to migrate? Is that need disappeared or is it collective suppressed? Or is travelling enough to us as partial fulfilment? Did other needs become more important, as comfort for example? Or do we suppress certain needs by overcompensating others?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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