Are you conscious of your needs? Or ARE you your needs? Do they totally determine your life? Is your life anything else but an endless striving to fulfil your needs, a role you just have to play, if you want or not?

Do you have an insight which needs are contributing most to your welfare? Which are primer, basic needs? Are those fulfilled or do you think you have to place them into perspective? Does a total fulfilment of needs really exist? Even of primary needs?
In which way are you influenced on this matter: your needs, their importance, their value? By your parents, environment, media, publicity, or by identifying yourself with your idol, with your ideal? If not all, are your needs sufficiently fulfilled? In that case, do you undertake enough efforts to fulfil some of them? Or are you the type that always suffers from unfulfilled needs, always restless or even frustrated because of that? Do you regard life as one big hunt on fulfilment of needs?

Are you sometimes in an internal conflict because of a duality between satisfaction and adaptation on one side, enjoying what is, and restlessness, striving to fulfil at the other side? Or are these two accepted poles and is your life an equilibrium between both, a harmonic whole?

Do you place the fulfilling of you needs in relation to your partner, fellowmen? Or are the others to you concurrents or a damper on your freedom? Do you feel free to fulfil your needs or do you feel thwarted? In that case, by who? Do you tune your needs to the society, your partner, parents, the boss at your work, the police, the attendant, the train guard? Is your society, your culture, religion, environment, aimed at your needs or do they counteract to your opinion? But are you not dependent on efforts from others for your needs? Do you sometimes fulfill the wants of others or does only your own needs matter to you?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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