Do you experience yourself as a whole or as a multitude? Most people do regard themselves as whole, that’s why they call themselves “I”. That does not include we are really an oneness. The picture we have from ourselves is also but fragmentary, the top of the ice mountain, that what is under sea level represents the unconscious; in between there also exists a temporarily unconsciousness: what you want to see and what you do not want to see. The image of the ice mountain is a bit too cold and dangerous, but it is useful.
We are a collection of different poles. Some people experience themselves as a continuous battle between their poles. These extremes don’t have to; we can experience an oneness in the multitude and the multitude in the whole.

Do you regard yourself as an oneness or as a multitude? When you feel your wholeness, do you still recognise your different poles? When you feel as surging between your poles, do you succeed in keeping a feeling of oneness?
Are your poles in harmony? Is it wishful they should be? Is it not better to let them go sometimes, so your mainsprings can revive? Or did you suppress a pole so long it now dominates you?

Do you have your poles under control? Is it so wishful to have perfect control? Are you able to let go that control? Do you find a balance between control and setting free? Or do you prefer to be a control freak?
Or is control missing, and are your poles in battle without the least self-control? Life is often a case of walking in the middle and keeping in movement.

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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