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Photos from Belgium & neighbourhood

Lier - Mechelen - Bruges - around Bruges - Ghent - Leuven - around Leuven - Brussels - around Brussels - Antwerp - around Antwerp

Zoutleeuw - Louvain-la-Neuve - Aachen - Veere - Breda - Maastricht - Roermond & neighbourhood - Luxembourg & Eiffel - Belgium 1920

Belgium 1920 - part 9

Bruges, City Hall


Bruges, Holy Blood Chapel and basilica (underground)


Bruges, City Hall and old registry


Bruges, Spiegelrei


Bruges, reien (local name for the canals)






Bruges, reien (canals)


Around Bruges, harbour of Zeebrugge (Seabruges)


Around Bruges, shrimp fisherman in Koksijde