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Photos from Belgium & neighbourhood

Lier - Mechelen - Bruges - around Bruges - Ghent - Leuven - around Leuven - Brussels - around Brussels - Antwerp - around Antwerp - Zoutleeuw -

around Namur - Louvain-la-Neuve - Aachen - Coast - Breda - Maastricht - Roermond & neighbourhood - Eifel - Belgium 1920

Mechelen 2009

Mechelen, the Grote Markt (main marketplace) with the Saint Rombouts tower


on the market place: conversation between bear and cock ('haentien' is flemish for the duch 'haan')


The other side with the city hall and the hallen


Signpost at Saint Rombouts




3 houses at the vismarkt (fish market), opposite the Dijle


Detail of the middle house

The rose gardens of Mechelen

de rozentuin van Mechelen