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Curriculum Vitae



Johan Framhout learned to draw, paint and write from childhood in an autodidact way. To this goal he carefully studied ancient and modern painting techniques. He attended numerous courses and training in body expression, vocalization, creative drama, clown theater, mixed forms of expression, yoga, etc ... For years he taught body expression and mixed forms of expression in which painting, writing, sounds, drama and movement were combined with meditation used as means of expression, self-discovery and communication with each other, both to young and adults.




Currently Johan Framhout applies himself mainly to his own oeuvre. After painting oil on canvas, watercolor, pastel or graphite he proceeded to create art using the computer. He constructs 3D art and also makes hand-painted works on the electronic tablet. He creates both figurative and abstract works. In addition, he remains intensely involved with literature. After a lot of poems and short stories he wrote novels. His third novel, "Krekeleer" is currently under development. Together with his wife Gerda Abts Johan Framhout gives recitals in which his poetry is mixed with sparkling mandolin sounds. The CV of Gerda Abts stands on


On this site you will also find two examples of non-fiction works wrote by Johan Framhout. In his work "Moving Moves, History of Modern Painting", he indicates, among other things, how each painter in the period 1800 to 1950 painted in his or her own style. So different tendencies continue to develop together with painters whom care nothing about movements. There is no other chronological evolution in the plastic arts than that of personal freedom expressed. In Virtual Museum, he shows us how this trent continues in spite of all alleged authorities. The works shown in his Virtual Museum seldom reach our contemporary art museums. A second example of his nonfiction is "Reflections, search into yourself", showing the
psychological philosophical side of Johan Framhout, as a result of his studies of CG Jung among others and his years of studying archetypes in dreams and myths. Together with Gerda Abts Johan Framhout is also active giving relaxation sessions using overtone singing and various suitable instruments.

On the blog, all new creations by JF are shown.




(...) But on the other hand, these works exhibit no trace of calculation or previously invented motifs or elements that were elaborated with almost geometrical precision by the artist. No pre-conceived concept, but rather a series of images that come to the surface from the subconscious of the artist and merge onto the canvas, often to his own amazement and rapture, because that was the prerogative of the artist: while we only see our dreams in our sleep, he can transfer them to this world, a confrontation between reality and surreality, a symbolic representation of his hidden face where - who knows - we observers might discover some of our own features.

From the lecture by the writer Jo Claes about the work of Johan Framhout at the opening of his exhibition "The Hidden Face" in Leuven.