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Gerda Abts and the world of the mandolin




Mandolin concerts

  • Mandolineconcerten in the Sint-Laurentius church at Antwerp

    on 21 April en 10 May at 19.30h

    April, BelGriego: Johan Corrales, mandolin and Johan Fostier, guitar

    May, Mare Nostrum: Arsenis Gionis (voice), Mathijs Ignoul (guitar), Bea Laborda (cello), Sara Lorenzo (violin), Elina Markatatou (mandolin), Maria Markatatou (mandolin), Eleni Tsiotsiou (viola)


    (link gevoeligesnaar)


CD with poetry of Johan Framhout, with Gerda Abts on mandolin

  • The poetry on this cd is only in Dutch, to read about it on the Dutch pages

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