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Photos from Belgium & neighbourhood

Lier - Mechelen - Bruges - around Bruges - Ghent - Leuven - around Leuven - Brussels - around Brussels - Antwerp - around Antwerp - Zoutleeuw -

around Namur - Louvain-la-Neuve - Aachen - Coast - Breda - Maastricht - Roermond & neighbourhood - Eifel - Belgium 1920

Bruges - part 1

The halletoren with the lakenhalle on the Main Marketplace


On the Main Marketplace


The Main Marketplace with the Provincial Court



Living Statue on the Main Marketplace


Backside of the Halletoren


Behind the Belfry


From the Main Marketplace to the Beursplein


The city hall and part of the court;
on the right to get married, on the left to divorse and in between is the little Blind Donkey Street...



Also on the Beursplein: left is the city hall,
in the middle the Holy Blood Chapel and underneath a 12th century basilica


Idem, the corner with two towers, rebuild later based on old documents


The Botersteeg


Saint Jacob church