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Lier - Mechelen - Bruges - around Bruges - Ghent - Leuven - around Leuven - Brussels - around Brussels - Antwerp - around Antwerp - Zoutleeuw -

around Namur - Louvain-la-Neuve - Aachen - Coast - Breda - Maastricht - Roermond & neighbourhood - Eifel - Belgium 1920

Photos from Belgium and surroundings - South of the Netherlands

1 - Roosendaal in Spring

De Passage, an Art Nouveau shopping centre





(whatch film: see and hear the puppets singing + watching the dome)











Roosendaal, the Oude Markt (old market place)



Art Deco church from the monastery Mariadal at Roosendaal, build in 1934, before the start of the anniversary concert of the mandolin orchestra Melodia




2 - Breda in Winter