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Photos from Belgium & neighbourhood

Lier - Mechelen - Bruges - around Bruges - Ghent - Leuven - around Leuven - Brussels - around Brussels - Antwerp - around Antwerp - Zoutleeuw -

around Namur - Louvain-la-Neuve - Aachen - Coast - Breda - Maastricht - Roermond & neighbourhood - Eifel - Belgium 1920

Brussels 2010 - part 1

The Main Marketplace of Brussels


... with the Neo-Gothic city hall




Main Marketplace of Brussels










Inner Coutyard of the city hall



The beer parade on the Main Marketplace of Brussels (by then one side was under restauration)





The three blinds try to lead each other, pointing to the stock exchange

photos Brussels on art7d.be


earlier shopping center in Art-Nouveau, Kiekenmarkt





Art Nouveau interieur of the Falstaff


From the Mount of Arts



At the Museum of Fine Arts


The Art Nouveau house on the left in steel and glass is now the music instruments museum, farther on the right the royal palace.

The Saint Michael and Saint Gugula cathedral


Interior of the cathedral



organ of the cathedral




interior of the cathedral



Congress pillar


Lanterns at the congress pilar






Congresstraat, hotel under restauration