How is your conscience? Have you sorted out with your conscience? Have you an idea what that conscience implies? What it tells you, how much it talks to you? How much it determines your decisions?

The conscience is not absolute. It is inherent to us, but how it is, is determined by our education and our culture. If you kill the enemy in the war, you are decorated as hero. If you kill in peacetime, you are severely punished. How can this be reconciled? How must our conscience handle with this?

For this: it is clear to you what your conscience prompts you? What can and is allowed not and what is not allowed and you shouldn’t do? Is it a conditioning or is it something you have considered, following your values, ideals, goals? It is not wrong to be conditioned, we all are. For example, without conditioning there was no language possible. Question is: are you not more conditioned then needed? Maybe you are conditioned to conduct which is adverse to you, or feelings you prefer not to have? Can you cope with your conditioning, to a conscience which not correct? You do you turn your conscience to have an excuse for all yours acts? Perhaps your conscience prevents you the freedom of choice?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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