Do you trust someone quickly? Or do you distrust first, until someone showed reliability? Did you experience that confidence is something you may give only to a person who has proven to earn it? Or do you trust everyone unless he proves not being reliable? Maybe you act in between and you risk to trust, in order to correct that later? Or perhaps your trust is permanent, even if they have confound you trust? Does this feel useful to you?

Do you trust yourself, do you have self-confidence? In what you can cope, that you implement undertakings well, that you are honest, that you are able to control yourself, you will achieve your goal, etc.? Self-confidence has much to do with education. Where you positively valued in your childhood, praised, rewarded, encouraged? Or do you have a negative self-image: for example, a bungler who always causes trouble? In this case, are you not the one who maintains that image? That is in fact also a form of confidence: you trust yourself in making that chaos, which is a great skill! Correct self-mistrust should be: I do not know what I am able to, but I will see what comes fort. When you notice: this is something I am able to cope, it transforms into self-confidence for similar cases. Or are you someone who is always suspicious about yourself? Perhaps to yourself and also to the others? What lays there at the basis? What does it offers? Do you evolve in that area?

Do you trust life? When the result does not depend that much of your capacities, but of unknown factors, do you believe it will run out successfully? Or does uncertainty always means suspicion to you, disbelief, fear? Do you believe in your luck when you look forward to the future, do you have confidence in the future? Some people have series of setbacks and are searching a reason, they believe it is their fate. But if you would be able to distribute arbitrarily all bad luck on the world's population, it would be quite normal it would not be divided regularly. So is coincidence: when I discard a bucket of peas all over the tiled floor, the chance each tile has equal peas, is extremely low. Even so it is completely normal that the one has more bad luck than the other, or that there can be periods in your life of the one misfortune after the other, followed by periods with more luck. Do you realise each chain of setbacks ends? Are you maintaining confidence in this? How is your personal vision on confidence?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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