Do you belief? I hope you don’t mind this rather stupid question: everyone beliefs in something, maybe in himself. Everyone has convictions. Often we are very attached to those. That is necessary not to loose ourselves. Nevertheless we evolve: when we look ten years later to what we have written, some things still seem the same, others are completely changed. Sometimes it is a nuance, an enlargement, a putting into perspective, an expansion.

Do you believe in yourself? This is a question of self-confidence, to believe in your capacities, possibilities, reliability, integrity… To believe in yourself also means believe in what you undertake and in your goals: regarding work, hobby, passion, relations, your house…

Do you believe other people? Do you believe in the possibilities, capacities, aims, pursuit of the other? Believing seems to be often a mixture of experience, accepting, assuming, speculating and daring. Do you dare to believe in someone or something?

Do you dare to be convinced of something, even if you experienced in the past that your belief did not always seemed to be true? In that case, are you embittered, disappointed, without believe, or are you able to accept the challenge again? To believe in a case is the start of any enterprise: you can only start something if you believe in it. It can be a overestimating. It doesn’t have to, it can also mean: to believe in a result, without perfectly determine the goal. Do you believe in certain enterprises? Can you easily believe in a case? Can you dive in something totally, when you believe in it?

Is your believe irrational or is it based on real facts? If you look to your past: has that believe been rewarded or embarrassed? The way you believe in something now: is it different from the past, from years ago?

With the word believe we often think at religions, but religion has no privilege on belief. Believing in a religious way simply means that your believe in things or convictions, are shared by other followers of that religion, you share a believe. Do you share a certain believe, in any way? Do you really believe what you believe? Are you conscious of whom you share that believe? Of the differences that nevertheless still occur? If those convictions do not match yours, do you respect the beliefs of the other? No matter if it is religious, an enterprise, believe in someone, in oneself? Do you support the other in his or her believe, or do you break it off? Regarding your friends, your children, your husband, partner, associate?

© Copyright Johan Framhout 2009

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