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Artistic photos of Paris - page 1

page 1: Île de la Cité, City Hall & Louvre

page 2: Three Domes

page3: Versailles

page 4: Near the Eiffel Tower

Île de la Cité, City Hall & Louvre

The city hall




Notre Dame, the cathedral


Notre Dame: the portal



Notre Dame: inside



Notre Dame: interior


Notre Dame: beside



Notre Dame: the park at the backside



Notre Dame: somewhere


Notre Dame in the dark


Pont des Arts


De chapel Sainte-Chapelle: downstairs


The chapel Sainte-Chapelle: upstairs


The chapel Sainte-Chapelle: "Look at the Ceiling!"


Sainte-Chapelle: everything was shining gold and coloured glass, but the camera only wanted to record one of them



Entrance of Sainte-Chapelle: viewing the opposite side


From the Pont de Arts


Île de la Cité, from the Pont des Arts


The Louvre with the pyramid, in the warm light of the descending Autumn sun



The Louvre with the pyramid



"The Louvre in Six Dimensions"


The Louvre: l'Arc du Carroussel


The Louvre: l'Arc du Carroussel


From a terras on the corner of the Rue Croix des Petits Champs and the Rue du Bouloi


Behind the corner begins the Galerie de Véro-Dodat (which we couldn't find in any guide of Paris)


Les Halles was in construction, only this corner was intact, with underground swimming pool.
On the signs was written that the works shall be finished September 2011.
This photo is taken at the beginning of November 2011, an example of French surrealism.


The 'Jardin du Palais Royal'


Jardin du Palais Royal: the fountain in the sun, with dark clouds on the background


...which caused a wonderful effect


The Palais Royal with the 'Colonnes de Buren'


The 'Kiosque des Noctambules' at the Comédie Française