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Saint Petersburg once more - part 1

Winter in Saint Petersburg


Neva river 



Art Nouveau tower of early 20th century Belgian shopping house Esders &
Scheefhals restored in its former glory. Moika Embankment


English Embankment


Survival of the fittest in the park of the Palace of Gatchina 


That time of year of cold feet and a slight feeling of homesickness for Luxor... 


The Neva ice is growing thinner with every passing minute, but some just don't know when to call it a day...


Kronstadt - monument to vice-admiral Makarov & Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas


Kronstadt - Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas 


Kronstadt - monument to vice-admiral Makarov - icebreaker Yermak 



Eliseyev House


Eliseyev House


Removing the announcement on an exposition on Dutch & Flemish 17th century masters takes some effort...


Svechnoy Pereulok


Happily waiting for the sun to break through the traffic jams and cloudy early morning sky at Smolny Cathedral, February 28th



Smolnyj Cathedral 

Smolnyj Cathedral 


Smolnyj Cathedral 




Lomonosov bridge & Trinity Cathedral, Fontanka


Unicorn lamp, Lomonosov Bridge 


Philosophizing with winged lions, Mojka Embankment, Bank Bridge


Tauride Palace


General Staff reflected on Palace Square 


Winter Palace upside down...


Intercession Cathedral, Gatchina


Raven announcing the first cracks in Winter 


Western part of the ring of Saint Petersburg linking Kronstadt with both sides of the Gulf of Finland 



Ring of St.Petersburg & Gulf of Finland




Old fortress, Kronstadt


Gulf of Finland


Gulf of Finland


Old maritime fortress

Kotlin island & Gulf of Finland 


Gulf of Finland


Solnechnoye - Gulf of Finland 


beach winter sports on the Gulf of Finland in Solnechnoye



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