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French Alps, August 2007 - 1
with stops in Hauterives & Beaune

Hauterives: le palais idéal of postman Ferdinand Cheval

le palais idéal


Every day postman Cheval made his tour of 32 km walking. He daydreamed of his ideal palace.
When he was 43, in 1879, one day he tumbled over a stone. He digged that stone out.
He finded it so beautiful he decided to build his monument, that stone got the place of honor.
Every day, after his tour, he filled his bag with stones he found on his path.
In the night he build his palace with this stones. Cheval has been an inspiriation for artists for a long time.
He inspired Gaudi for his Sagrada Familia, Picasso made drawings there.

This is the famous stone , built-in in the whole.

palais idéal


palais idéal


palais idéal


"Temple Hindou - Chalet Suisse", quite funny

palais idéal


still in Isère: Romans-s Isère