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Photos of Estonia (Eesti)
and surroundings: Riga (Latvia) &
Finland: Helsinki, Tampere & Turku - p 1

photos from Gerda Abts, Jens Van Den Bergh and Johan Framhout


Riga is declared Unesco-world heritage, mainly because of the Jugendstil houses









in this house is a small museum


the stair gate in this museum



not all Jugendstil houses are restaurated



Another detail of one of the Jugendstil houses,
by coincidence this painter makes this movement on the moment a took the shot.
And he has the ideal t-shirt on!

the Orthodox birth of Christ cathedral

in the old center: the dome square (Doma Laukums)

the best known place : de Saint Peter church, the city hall and the house of the Black Heads






The eldest house



some distance further with the local train,
the people from Riga regard this nevertheless as their bath place: Jürmala